Friday, April 18, 2014

Celebrating Easter and Passover With the Kids

This year both Passover and Easter fall during the same week and it has been a while since this has happened.  It's a wonderful time to explain to the kids the purpose of these holidays and why we celebrate them.

My Jewish Holidays
Activities are the best way to get kids interested in holidays. It not only boosts their excitement to celebrate them, but can be a valuable opportunity to teach them what the holiday is about and where the tradition comes from. There are plenty of things to do that will not only hold kids’ attention but will keep their interest as well. Share some interactive activities indoors and outdoors and make the holidays fun as well as informative.

1.     A great way to get kids interested in a holiday is to read about it. A book like “My Jewish Holidays” from KD Novelties can help remind kids what the holidays are about, why we celebrate them and what traditions are involved. Reading together also helps build relationships with those we share books with as well as the things we are reading about. Kids will remember this special holiday story time as they gear up for the festivities.

2.     Arts and crafts help get kids interacting with holiday traditions and help them feel more a part of the festivities. Once they have an idea of what it is that is being celebrated, they can use their newfound knowledge to make the house feel festive. This creativity allows kids to express themselves and start building a personal relationship with the holidays.

3.     Food is another wonderful way to introduce kids to traditions. Having kids help cook and prepare food will also encourage them to try new foods if they are not eaten often at other times of the year. When kids feel they have been a part of creating a meal, they are more likely to try it if it is new because they had a key part in making it. They feel proud of their accomplishments and are willing to reap their own benefits.

Jesus The Provider
4.     Additionally, KD Novelties has a personalized Easter themed book called “The Cottontail Mystery” as well as religious books such as "Jesus the Provider" and "Let us Thank God" that bring the true meaning to Easter. These personalized interactive stories puts kids at the heart of the action.

5.     An Easter egg hunt is a traditional Easter activity that helps keep kids active, whether outdoors or indoors. This interactive game can be used to help educate kids, too. Leave clues involving holiday facts that will help them find the location of the eggs and fill the prized eggs with further hints as well as candy and small toy prizes.

Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover it is important to always educate the children on what is being celebrated and make it fun for them to learn. Reading about the holidays brings them to life and at the same time enhances their reading ability and comprehension. It's a win win for both parents and kids alike.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 Ways to Teach Kids About Earth Day - April 22, 2014

Earth day comes at a time of year when the green starts to finally peek through the layers of melting snow. Teaching kids about Earth Day isn’t just a great way to beckon the spring or to get kids outside, but encourages a healthy respect for the planet we live on. Teaching kids about Earth Day is important. It will not only help them become more enthusiastic about spending time outdoors, but will help foster a positive and responsible relationship with our planet. Today’s kids will soon be responsible for the planet’s well being, so teach them about how important it is to be respectful and responsible about taking care of our universal home.
1.     National Geographic is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the world around them. There is so much of the world they have not seen and looking at the vivid images in the pages of National Geographic or National Geographic Kids is a great way to introduce them to the world, it’s beauty, as well as books about the subject that will help encourage them to keep learning.

2.     Picture books and informational books are great ways to introduce kids to the idea of Earth Day while also teaching them about the beauty the holiday is trying to save and protect. Books can also teach them about pollution and its effects. Personalized Books such as My Fishing Adventure, My Camping Adventure or My Tea Party can help inspire kids to look forward to outdoor adventures. When kids see themselves embarking on journeys in these completely personalized books, they will be more excited about returning outdoors. 
My Fishing Adventure Personalized Book

3.     Documentaries. There are plenty of documentaries that are kid friendly while still being informative and captivating. Nature documentaries such as Planet Earth or Disney’s Earth are great ways to garner interest in the world and its natural beauty. Other fun kid friendly movies with a powerful message about conservation and recycling may include movies as both versions of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax or the animated film Ferngully.

4.     Next, go out and experience the world while bringing kids along, of course! Go for a walk, visit a park, take a stroll through the forest, go on a hike! Take pictures, play I Spy games to identify and spot animals or plants, or any number of interactive activities. Introduce kids to nature and help them develop a personal relationship with it.

My Camping Adventure Personalized Book
5.     Play games! Spend as much time outside as possible. The ability to enjoy the outdoors and even play sports relies on keeping the earth healthy. Find ways to play games in parks or open fields, places where nature is truly at work. For instance, activities such as swimming can be relocated to rivers, lakes or oceans. Make nature a part of children’s lives.

6.     Gardening is a wonderful way to teach kids about the environment, the importance of planting trees and preserving plants, forests, and other natural landscapes. Build a garden in the backyard or partake in the Earth Day tradition of planting a tree.

7.     Begin composting! Have the kids take part in the process. This will teach them about how harmful plastics and other materials are to the earth while others are apart of its natural cycle.

8.     Have them help with recycling. Explain the importance of recycling and why certain materials are recycled while others are not. A bit like composting, having kids help sort through the recycling makes the activity a daily routine, making it a part of their lives, and will inform them of why it is important to recycle in the first place.

9.     Visit a zoo, botanical garden, wildlife reserve, or a national park. Have kids experience the wealth of life that depends on the health of mother earth. Have them listen to the zookeepers and park rangers about saving and protecting the animals as well as the places in which they live. Many species are endangered due to activities such as pollution and the grazing of vast forests. When kids see the animals up close, they can better sympathize with them and understand their story while understanding that earth is our home as much as theirs. They can learn to appreciate the beauty of life while developing a respect for nature.

10.   Volunteer to clean up a local park or other community area. Getting involved is a great way to instill Earth Day spirit. Go to a park or any other natural location you visit frequently and volunteer to help clean it. The people who use these spaces are responsible for keeping them safe and clean. Kids will grow an understanding of personal responsibility while also having fun.

 Teaching kids about Earth Day is important, not just for their own benefit but for our own as well. The kids are our future and they will one day be in charge of taking care of the world we all live in. By dispensing the proper knowledge and encouraging positive action and inspiration, kids will continue these habits throughout their lifetime and will continue to protect our planet.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Personalized Children's Book Giveaway with Plush Bunny

Join us in celebrating the holiday by entering our Easter giveaway and taking advantage of our spring sale! 
Easter is just around the corner and we're starting off the spring season with a special Easter giveaway and sale. Reading is an activity that is well suited for any season of the year. Books regaling of outdoor adventures can inspire kids to venture outside and live out the personalized adventures they can read about in their individualized books from KD Novelties

Easter Giveaway by KD Novelties
Enter the giveaway now and by April 12th for a chance to win a specialized Easter personalized book “The Cottontail Mystery” and plush bunny, perfect for the season and the holiday.
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Though Easter is often associated with candy, books can create memories that last a lifetime. Chocolate can bring kids some temporary happiness, but the memories of receiving a personalized book will stay with kids forever. Personalized books help foster an individual interest in reading and can also significantly boost self confidence. Help inspire kids to have their very own adventures this spring with a personalized kids book from KD Novelties and enter our contest for a chance to win our Easter Giveaway.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Justice League Personalized Super Hero Book Giveaway

We are teaming up with the Justice League and providing a unique and personalized crime-fighting experience.  In conjunction with General Mills new giveaway, we are giving away a free copy of our personalized Justice League book where your child becomes the star of the story. General Mills is currently giving away collectible comic books and crime-fighting gear on specially marked boxes of their cereal, and KD Novelties can help make the experience all the more unique and immersive for kids out there.

Kids can gather their crime-fighting gear from the cereal boxes, provided by the new General Mills promotion, and hunker down with their personalized Justice League book to fight crime and deal out justice. This individualized story puts kids in the center of the action so they can save the day. Kids can immerse themselves in the story where they happen to come upon the Justice League grappling with the dastardly Gorilla Grodd who has let all the wild animals zoo loose at the theme park. Ready for action, kids will be able to help the Justice League, bring the animals and everyone at the park to safety, ultimately saving the day.

Enter Here for your chance to win and complete the action packed adventure for your kids.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s day is the first holiday where spring and warm weather are on the horizon. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to keep kids entertained and occupied on this holiday.

1.   Arts and crafts are a great activity for any holiday. They help kids learn and better understand the traditions of the holidays they are celebrating and let’s them be a part of it. One great activity is to make leprechaun hats and beards out of construction paper or felt to be worn all day or to play dress up games with. Plus, the photos of kids wearing these will be priceless.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts
2.  Bake themed cookies! Use cookie cutters to create four-leaf clovers, rainbows and pieces of gold. Use icing to creatively decorate these baked goods and let the kids get in on the action.

3.  Break out the Books! Reading about St. Patrick’s Day is another great activity. This will teach kids about the holiday they are participating in, whether they read books about leprechauns and rainbows or kid’s books on St. Patrick himself. Kids are more likely to read if they have a book on a subject relevant to their current lives, such as a holiday they are celebrating or a milestone they are aiming to accomplish.

I Rish I Was Reading
Reading personalized books published by KD Novelties, can help inspire kids to get outdoors. Their personalized adventure books such as My Fishing Adventure, My Camping Adventure or My Tea Party can help inspire kids to move their activities outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Have a St. Patrick’s Day themed tea party outside or catch some fish to accompany a St. Patrick’s Day dinner!

4.  Make a rainbow road to the front door! Kids can use colored chalk to draw rainbows on the sidewalk or driveway for leprechauns to find. This will help them get outdoors and get creative!

5.  Eat Green for the Day! Prepare naturally green foods such as peas, avocados, and broccoli.  However, parents can get creative and add green food coloring to mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, jello, pound cake or even lemonade.

6.  Find four leaf clovers! This is a great activity that directly ties in with the theme of the holiday and gets kids excited about being outdoors again.

7.  Make a shamrock necklace. Cut and decorate several shamrocks from green construction paper or craft foam and then punch a hole in it. Thread a piece of gold or green yarn through the hole to make a lucky necklace.  Shamrocks can be colored or painted and can be decorated with glitter.
St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Rainbow Fruit
8.  Make a rainbow fruit salad. Cut up your favorite fruits (various colors) and display them as a rainbow.  Top it off with gold coins for the treasure at the end of the rainbow!

9.  Face Paint! Parents can never go wrong when it comes to face painting and kids love it.  Dress the children in green and paint a four-leaf clover on their face.

10.  Have kids create their own personalized St. Patrick’s Day adventure book! At the end of the day, have them make their own book describing all of the fun activities they did during the day, including rainbows, four-leaf clovers, gold and pictures. Personalized books are great ways to get kids to read, especially if they write one themselves!